About our Teachers

We take enormous pride in the teaching faculty of our school. They are the backbone of the institution and are instrumental in the development of young minds and hearts. The school provides numerous opportunities for professional development with in-service training.  Due to this, our educators consistently demonstrate a love of learning and continual growth. The teachers also participate in numerous competitions and activities organized for them by InSight  and others to challenge their skills, attitudes, and knowledge. They form a formidable team for whom no mountain is too high and no goal impossible!

This team of dedicated and committed teaching faculty are:

  • Professionally qualified and experienced in educational theory and methods
  • Technically adept at internet research and SMART Board applications
  • Aware of students’ learning and socio-emotional needs
  • Able to motivate students to explore their potential fully
  • Empowered to make value additions to student life at school
  • Mentors and coaches to students with special needs
  • Continually evolving to meet the challenges of a dynamic curriculum