Millennium Visions
I would like to thank DSRV-Borivali for giving parents the opportunity to be a part of Millennium Visions.  It was full of energy and was informative at each and every step.  It covered all areas academics, sports, music, art and craft. Efforts put in by teachers and students and their enthusiasm towards ‘Millennium Visions’ was simply appreciable. Hats Off to all  DSRVBians! Looking forward to be a part of such programmes!!

Ms. Mrugaya Sabnis, Mother of Siya Sabnis, V-B
Millennium Visions
Millennium Visions- Amazing talent, excellent presentation and execution! Concepts and topics selected were very interesting. Students’ involvement was evident and I appreciate the efforts of teachers and all staff.

Ms. Meera Jadhav, Mother of Rachana Jadhav, Grade – 7
Millennium Visions
Each activity was unique in its own creative way.  The projects and activities were very informative and students were equally inspired to display the information.

Ms. Deepa Balvalli, Mother of Omkaar Balvalli, IX-A
Millennium Visions
The Math, Geography, Music and almost all the activities were innovative and mind blowing. The riddles and quiz of Marathi and Hindi were too good. The science section was also innovative.  Excellent learning for parents too! I wish students all the best for the next ventures!

Ms. Sangeeta Mirkar, Mother of Rutuja Mirkar, X-D
Being Women- Workshop for Mothers
The workshop on ‘Being Women’ was really appreciable. Today I have found or rather say shall find out “me” within myself. Being a working woman, I had lost myself in office and household chores. Thanks for helping me to come out and think broader and beyond. Hoping to have such sessions often.
Ms. Sangeeta Mirkar, Parent
Vacation Tour- Jaipur-Agra
Respected Madam, My daughter, Para Saraiya, had an opportunity to travel to Jaipur, Agra and Mathura from 2nd November to 8th November, 2014. On return from the tour she was untiringly vocal on reporting the details of the tour. This was the first experience of travelling long distance for longer duration without us accompanying her. I feel the feelings of all the participants might have been more or less same, the jittery parents, and the confused but excited students. But all these apprehensions seemed to have been taken care of by the caring and experienced teachers and staff of the school who went on this tour. Initially everyone was sceptical about the experience that was to unfold. It’s after the conclusion of the tour that I came to realize that the tour was neatly organized with safe and comfortable stay, good quality food, satisfactory travel arrangements, visits to monuments, and all what which is the essence of any tour. The tour was a huge success and all the participating students had a very beautiful first experience of their life as a traveller on their own, that shall be cherished by them for years to come.
Mr. Bimal Saraiya, Father of Para Saraiya, IX-B
Annual Cultural Day
Respected madam, I would like to appreciate the work done by you as well as the school staff. The Annual Cultural Day for the year 2014-2015 was worth watching. All the performances were thoughtful , diligently managed and commendable. I truly appreciate you and your staff for the hard work to make the event so special. Also thanking you for inviting Special Guest who was truly inspiring.
Mrs. Chetna Doshi, Parent of Tanay Doshi, VII A
Annual Sports Meet
Dear Madam, The Annual Sports Event held on 21st November, 2014 was remarkably good. On behalf of all the parents, would like to appreciate the organized manner in which the function was held. I admire the enthusiasm of all the teachers and support staff. Surely as a parent, I know, it’s really not easy to make kids follow instructions and perform. You have been successful to have the lovely Lezim display with well synchronized music and lovely formations, spectacular matches and many more came up to us as a big surprise! All the efforts to have the kids perform in proper sequence are highly appreciated. Thanks to the entire team members and of course our dear children for a lovely day and memories that would stay with us!
Ms. Kavita Shetty , Mother of Karan Shetty, IX A
My experience with the school is very good. I can think of only one sentence and that is.. ‘ this is a complete training school for child and parent’. Thanks to every teacher and staff.
Mr. Sachin Pathak, Parent of Samridh Pathak, I- B
I have seen that teachers take their best efforts to train child in all fields, not just studies and books like other schools. We are really satisfied with the school, their teachers and all related staff and hope our child has great future ahead as school is the main base where child starts developing.
Ms. Priti P. Kawedia, Parent of Priyank Kawedia, V-C
Access Day
Our first access day was very good. We got an opportunity to see how our kids are taught in class. It was very interesting to see how nicely the kids participate and the teacher involves every child. It also helped me to know how I have to go about with my child’s education at home.
Mrs. Mehek Agicha , Mother of Reeya Agicha, Jr.KG.-B
Access Day
Really enjoyed the entire session! It was good to see the children recognizing different objects, able to tell stories. Phonics was the best part. I was amazed to see every single child reciting all the rhymes with action.
Mr. Sandeep Kini , Father of Sanskriti Kini, Prep-1
Physical Activity Day
Truly awesome performance by each and everyone in the class! Kept all the parents engaged throughout the activity. Felt a sense of pride at the concentration level and team work sported by our children. Efforts taken by the teachers to train them are commendable!
Mrs. Swapna Kadam , Mother of Umika Kadam, Sr.KG-B
We really enjoyed the event. It was a great performance by the kids depicting the hard work put in by the teachers and the entire school. We are really grateful for the invite from the school and fond memories. Thanking you once again and really appreciate the hard work.
Mrs. Rashmi Shailesh Kanani , Mother of Jayati Kanani, Nursery-B
Science Exhibition
We are thankful to you for efforts taken by all of you. It was great show from entire team of teachers and students. We specially liked ‘friction’ demonstration. The Science Exhibition was really great opportunity for students to learn science through experiments.
Kumar Chandra Soman , Father of Manas Soman, Grade-IV
Science Exhibition
I appreciate this awesome effort by the school to make these science activities independent. These activities instil a lot of confidence in them and also in us. Looking forward to such wonderful activities!
Mrs. Mili D. Mehta, Mother of Prisha Mehta, Grade 5
Annual Day
We just wanted to take a moment to say ‘Thank You’ for organising such a wonderful Annual Day-2015. The school and teachers are always creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation for growing and room for making mistake along the way. We sincerely thank you for all your efforts, guidance, friendship and even for your discipline. Thanks for giving ‘Big dreams to our little ones!
Mrs. Manali Mulaye , Mother of Aayushi Mulaye, II- A
Annual Day
The Annual Day for Std. I and II was a grand one. Arrangements and decorations were excellent. We as parents were very excited to watch the programme. The programme began with prayer dance. All the dances were too good. The children performed well. They were dancing with perfection and co-ordination. Our Principal Madam addressed the parents. She gave a lovely message about bringing up the values in children. Entire programme was properly planned. Teachers took great efforts to make this programme a successful one! We could feel the sentiment of the children and remembered our school days. It was one of the happiest day of the year!
Mrs. Rajashree Uchil , Mother of Vihaan Uchil, II- A
Career Awareness Programme – Std X
A beautiful platform arranged for students! hats off to you and the entire team. I felt great interacting with students, guiding them in taking up the correct subjects. Curiosity was at its peak not only amongst students but amongst parents too!!! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!
Ms. Alahida Mandiwala, Lecturer, Rizvi College
Panelist , Career Awareness Programme
Career Awareness Programme – Std X
An encouraging activity for students and parents! Thank you, that I was given an opportunity to share my knowledge. The programme was well planned and executed! It will be helpful for students in planning their career. Would like to come back and guide to the best of my ability.
Dr. Rutuja Palve, Panelist , Career Awareness Programme
Career Awareness Programme- Std X
Overall an interactive session! It’s good to know that the students of this school are focused and enthusiastic to gather information regarding careers. They were aware about the various course options in the field of mass media, where I was delighted to know that they are already into writing for magazine and news papers. Parents and school are encouraging them. All the best!!!!
Ms. Amruta Ambdekar, Panelist, Career Awareness Programme
Annual Cultural Day- Chief Guest
Watching the performance put up by your students, with adequate support from the staff, I was quite overwhelmed at the creativity and ingenuity of thought. It was a great performance that was entertaining as well as insightful and thought provoking. I sincerely hope that the students and parents will build on this great foundation that your institution is providing, to transform them great kids to truly contributing adults. Congratulations to you and your team of teachers and students.
Ms. Sucharita R.Hegde, Founder, One India One People