Crescendo is that high point of the academic year where every student presents the best of their potential and talent to parents and teachers at the Annual Cultural Event. Portraying the range from intense feelings to uninhibited expressions through performing Arts, Crescendo is the most eagerly anticipated event of the year and it is popular amongst most of the International Schools in Mumbai.


Momentum is the energy that sustains growth and development. The Annual Sports Meet is an action-packed day with students competing to break old track and field records and set new ones. The flaming torch represents the Momentum in the hearts of students to excel and leave a lasting impression in the portals of their school forever.


The Annual School Exhibition, Effervescence is a confluence of student activity demonstrating their skills of abstract thinking, reasoning, dexterity, elocution, scientific rigor, and creativity. The school environment bubbles with student energy and exhilaration, infecting every visitor who is instantly drawn into the general euphoria of the atmosphere. Effervescence is known for one of the best Annual School Exhibitions amongst International schools in Mumbai



Occasions like Mentors day, Teachers day, Independence and Republic day, Children’s day, World AIDS day, etc. are observed through a variety of activities and projects, to generate social awareness and respect.



It is the class assembly time, where students of one class come together. They discover themselves and the best hidden talent is unfolded during this time. For students who don’t represent school for external competitions, this platform facilitates them to showcase their talent. It’s also about appreciating others and complementing for the ‘oneness’ feel. Some of the most beautiful memories of school life are etched here!!!


Bombay Cambridge Gurukul always strives to unleash the best potential of their students under the roof of “The Gurukul Skylight.” It includes a variety of competitions challenging different skills of students. Some of the areas covered are- creative writing, photography, quiz, art and craft, technology & innovation, physical and mental coordination etc. These enable students to confidently face the competition in the outside world .The standard at these competitions is very high. It’s indeed a wonderful opportunity for students to share their talent on a large platform!!!

Gurukul Skylight


Students participate in numerous examinations and competitions conducted by prestigious organizations, setting standards and matching their abilities at the Ward, District, State, National and International levels. Some of these are:

  • DSO (District Sports Authorities) matches
  • MSSA (Mumbai School Sports Association) matches
  • SFA (Sports For All) matches
  • BASE (Bombay Association for Science Education)
  • BNHS(Bombay Natural History Society)
  • Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Manibhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya competitions
  • International Cyber Olympiads – English, Math, Science, Informatics
  • Hindi Rashtrabhasha Public Examinations
  • Bharat Vikas Parishad competitions
  • Math Concept and Math Prabhutva Examinations
  • Homi Bhabha Balvaidyanik Examinations
  • Rajya Puraskar and Rashtrapati Puraskar
  • State and National Talent Search Examinations
  • Marathi Nimnastar Examination
  • M.R. Pai Elocution Competition