Student Activities

Based on an age-appropriate educational plan, the school provides a wide range of activities for students. It is not enough that students learn information in classrooms in segments; it is equally important that students experience events and activities that they develop and participate in. It builds important skills of team-work, sharing, caring, friendship, respect, gratitude, and humility. For this the student almanac identifies important days and programs that reflect the ethos of our society and cultural milieu.

Celebration of special daysStudent CouncilSports MeetCultural DayAwareness programmesClubsOff Site ActivityCoachingLife skills and personal safety education Opportunities and AchievementsInterschool EventsInter BCG competitions

Occasions like Mentors day, Teachers day, Independence and Republic day, Children’s day, World AIDS day, Grandparents day, etc. are observed through a variety of activities and projects, to generate social awareness and respect.

Led by the school captain, students have an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of effective leadership, and the characteristic features of responsible studentship. The students of the secondary section are given membership to one of 4 Houses of the school – Nischal, Samvedan, Abhay and Srujan. The student council organizes a variety of inter house competitions and activities for all students to explore their talents, resulting in House trophies recognizing student behavior, sports prowess, participation in activities, and academic achievement.


The Annual Sports Day is looked forward to by parents and students alike as students participate in a variety of track and field events, March Past, and displays. It’s a place where champions are discovered and winners walk away with trophies, medals and certificates.


Every year, students demonstrate their talents on stage, in a variety of performing arts, including dance, drama, and singing. This annual event is a grand occasion, eagerly awaited by all staff, students and parents. Students can aspire for the School Awards that recognize excellence in behavior, academic achievement, values such as integrity, sensitivity, courage and reasoning, sportsmanship reading habits, and all round outstanding performance in school.

Seminars and interactions with eminent experts in various social fields are invited to generate awareness about the dangers of tobacco, under age driving, cyber crime, and noise pollution. Students also participate in various programmes and competitions held by the Police and Education Department that generate responsible citizenship.



Students can join a variety of clubs as per their interest – Nature (Nisarg), Science (Scientilla) and Literature Club. The clubs offer myriad activities, opportunities to perform, and guest interactions. Students are enthusiastic members of clubs, working actively at building knowledge, responsibility and sensitivity.



The curriculum integrates first hand experience through field trips, tours, educational excursions, and camps to enhance student learning. The students also enjoy the class picnic each year.



Coaching is offered for various activities outside of the students’ school hours for games and sports such as handball, athletics, gymnastics, football, judo and karate.


Programmes are conducted for students of Std I-X to facilitate smooth transition into their developmental stages, and build their capacity to safely handle their socio-emotional and physical environment. All modules are designed keeping in mind children’s developmental levels and age related concerns.


The academic results of the school are a matter of pride and a testimony to the expert curricular planning of the school and its teachers. In addition, students show exemplary performance in public examinations and competitions conducted by prestigious organizations, setting standards and matching their abilities at the Ward, District, State, National and International levels.


  • DSO (District Sports Authorities)
  • MSSA ( Mumbai School Sports Association)
  • BASE (Bombay Association for Science Education)
  • BNHS(Bombay Natural History Society)
  • Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Manibhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya competitions
  • International Cyber Olympiads – English, Math, Science, Informatics.
  • Hindi and Marathi public examinations
  • Bharat Vikas Parishad competitions
  • Math concept and Balvaidyanik (Science) exams.
  • Rajya Puraskar and Rashtrapati Puraskar
  • State and National talent search
  • Marathi Nimnaster Teacher Association
  • The ISA Grand Banyan project
  • R. Pai Elocution Competition

Students also have the opportunity to match their skills with other schools in the inter BCG competitions – Athlein (Sports), Mastermind (Quiz), UniqVerse (Poetry), Vivacita (Drama), Consonance (Singing), Snapshots (Photography), Oration (Elocution), Ingenium (Speed of thought) and many more exciting events through the year.