Golden Years


To develop individuals who are sensitive and resilient, able to navigate life with compassion, objectivity, and equanimity; who will always seek to generate solutions to create a healthy and harmonious society.


We will provide for students a dynamic learning environment that is reflective, sensitive, and empowering and is committed to developing excellence in academics and behavior.


'Be Natural Through Social For Spiritual.'

The Bombay Cambridge Gurukul logo symbolizes the five basic elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. They are the basic substance of all Matter, the Energy that breathes meaning into the Form it assumes.

Education is the realization of this Form (the self), it’s potential to interact with the Environment(space), and to learn and grow into higher realms of Thought.

Our Mentor

"When the veil of intellectual knowledge of "avidya" is swept aside, a flood of light breaks upon the awakened soul and a universal self is achieved."

-Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Our Engraved Beliefs



Sensitivity is the unfolding of human potential, as awareness of self and its relationship with the environment are realized. The consciousness of giving and receiving as a natural act of responsibility is the essence of sensitivity.



Courage is defined as strength or bravery in the face of fear or pain. To be fair, to be true and to have faith in the unseen indicates a strength of character, and the courageous build character through being honest, defending what is good and right, and by caring enough to act.



Reason is the base of all human thinking and action. Reason is the quality of integrating perceptions and intellect into meaningful and objective knowledge. Reason is the ability to go beyond one’s human-ness to understand the world around us as it is.



Integrity is the quality of being whole or unified. The self of a person is made up of his / her experience, emotions, intellect and interpretations. The integration of all these to result in a learning that moves from the natural to the social to the spiritual is integrity.


The school leadership is ably managed by its Principal, Ms. Manisha Arondekar. She, along with her team of administrators, all proficient academicians, ensure that the curriculum is continually updated, is able to meet the needs of all students, and that the teachers are inspired to give their best. Their planning and decision-making is aimed towards developing a school system that is sensitive to the needs of its various stake holders. Our educators are invited to actively participate in lectures, discussions and training as Resource people by various organizations.

Ms. Manisha Arondekar


Ms. Beena Thaker

(Head Secondary)

Ms. Sulekha Bandhu

(Head Primary)

Ms. Nargis Dalvi

(Head Pre-Primary)

Ms. Tanvi Bagwe

(Head CARE)

Ms. Sapna Ail

(Office Manager)

DSRB & You

We believe that when the school and parents work in a spirit of trust and co-operation, it creates the best environment for children. To establish positive relationships and mutual understanding, the school has a number of opportunities for interaction with parents.

  • Orientation to help parents of new students understand the system and familiarize themselves with the teachers.
  • Parent –Teacher meetings for a healthy exchange of information, expectations and guidelines.
  • Parent-Teacher Association that works towards the welfare of all children and supports the school and its policies.
  • Access Days and Open House for parents to understand the core aspects of the curriculum and discuss the student progress.
  • Parent workshops at different grades that guide parents towards creating a healthy environment at home to support children’s development.
  • Parents are welcome at our Annual Cultural Day and Sports Meet to watch their children perform.
  • Communication is further strengthened by instant notifications through SMS and E-mail service.

Dept of HRD

Dept of HRD


  • Upasana Saraf (Head)
  • Sarbani Bhattacharya
  • Shyama Govindan
  • Marilyn Fialho
  • Vidya Rangan
  • Sneha Purohit
  • Sanika Naik
  • Mannika Kandhari

The Dept. of HRD provides services to educational institutes to help develop student sensitive learning environments by offering programmes for its students, staff, parents, and administrators; as well as support Managements in designing systems that are user friendly and aligned to authoritative mandates. Our vision is to empower schools to develop responsible world citizens who are able to reflect, relate, and respond.

For Students

  • Life Skills Seminar
  • Awareness Workshops
  • Competitions
  • Leadership Training

For Teachers

  • Classroom Management
  • Trainer’s Training for Teachers
  • Competitions
  • Discussion Forums on Education

For Parents

  • Parent-Child Workshops
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Understanding Education
  • Responsible Parenting Seminars

For Admin

  • Effective Administration
  • Policy Formulation Training
  • Establishing QMS
  • Leadership Training